Bounce Boots Neon Pink




Bounce Boots by Dianna Rojas offers the premier rebounding boot available on the market today. Totally redesigned from the ground up, these boots are simply years ahead of similar models. Flexibility is the key with Bounce. Unlike other boots currently sold, Bounce Boots by Dianna Rojas has combined a lot of these features to create boots that are, by far, the best boots available today. So put a pair in your shopping cart and get ready to Bounce Into FitnessTM Today! How are Bounce Boots different from other rebounding boots? The biggest difference in Bounce BootsTM is our redesign from the ground up. Pro-style liner (Bounce Bootie) is a full wrap around liner so when you tighten the straps they press the liner directly to your legs. Added double thickness to the liner at the ankle to get rid of the rubbing and blistering you now and again get with other models. Buckles are engineered for a safe and comfortable fit – the top buckle is a double latch system for the most safe fit you’ll have. Bottom buckles have a single click ratchet system that lets you tighten the boots one notch at a time for the perfect fit every time. This system also protects the straps making them last longer. Eliminated the toughen plate that you see on many pairs of boots as it is an extra point of failure and an additional part that has to be replaced through the years. Strong toughen is put right into the bottom of our lower boot. Lastly and most important are the Bounce Bands – developed with a patent pending design the usage of 4 bands that are round not flat. Round bands, similar to actual muscle fiber, produces a powerful rebound effect. Bands last longer than traditional bands. The 2 outside bands are larger than the 2 inside bands. If you choose to cut away 2 of the inner bands, you have the 2 thicker outer bands still in place for even rebound effect. See our chart for sizing in the images to the left!. Please add 1/2 size to accommodate your socks!