WHL.LL Unisex Fitness Bouncing Shoes, Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise Running Shoes, Adult Extreme Sports Equipment, Load Less Than 200 kg

★MATERIAL: carbon fiber
★SIZE: Adult code
★LOAD RANGE: Within 200kg




1. Elasticity adjustable default configuration spring 4 thick 4 thin, matching 75-85kg users, large users can replace the thin elastic tube into a thick elastic tube, users with small weight can reduce the selection of elastic tubes or replace the fine elastic tube
2. Please wear sneakers and wear ostrich bionic shoes when the use of the product. Please wear long sweatpants or wear calf jacket when the use of.
3. Shoes do not distinguish between left and right feet
4. Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Height from the ground: 27
Upper width: 13
Sole length: 27
Shoe width: 12.2
Overall height: 68

If you wish to have to stop while you run fast, you’ll be able to move the leg side to do a high leg lift and buffer the elastic force to stop.

For safety reasons, please wear all safety gear before use. The fastener parts can’t be got rid of at will.
The composition of the elastic tube is natural latex, and it’s normal to appear whitening. When the bouncing shoes don’t seem to be in use, they’re stored in a cool place.
★MATERIAL: carbon fiber
★SIZE: Adult code
★LOAD RANGE: Within 200kg
★PRODUCT WEIGHT: 1740 g / only (shoes don’t seem to be divided)
★TEST SPEED: 34KM/H (test fastest speed)