Tighten Up Your Core With Jumping Stilts

If you’re seeking a new way to exercise but you’re just completely bored with crunches, weight machines, and being stuck in the gym – why not try something totally different and new that can also get you out of the house? If you’re seeking something exciting and that can really be a work out as well as improve your body awareness, and use muscles you’ve forgotten you have, then consider purchasing, trying out and exercising using a pair of new wave stilts. They’re not like you remember, I promise.

If you shop around, you’ll see – stilts have grown into a very diverse area of products. There are kid stilts, which are the pole stilts you remember as a child (which you hold with your hands, while you put your feet on their platforms), and then there are other more extreme stilts which are made of fiberglass that have springs, enabling you to jump several feet. Yes, stilts have changed quite a bit, and you may have already spotted these more extreme versions out in public. TV shows frequently feature acrobats on these extreme stilts as they dance to music – it’s a whole new craze.

The wonderful thing about jumping stilts is that they really make you aware of your body. As you try to stand on them and sway to and fro – you become aware of how difficult it is to balance, and yet we do it everyday without a thought, while standing on solid ground. As your body is constantly adjusting itself to gain balance, you are awakening and using core muscles that you’ve not used for ages. It’s a bit easier to go to the gym in my opinion and do crunches on the same muscles you use every single day, but isn’t it more of a work out to enliven and use those muscles you rarely ever use? I would argue the latter.

For a great workout that can really put some spice in your routine and give you appreciation for your body’s mechanics, consider a pair of jumping stilts. You’ll learn a new skill, get a workout and have fun in the process! 

Marc enjoys using jumping stilts in his free time and selling kids stilts over the internet through his website.