Want Some Exercise? Try Jumping Stilts

If you are looking to do some exercise and you are tired of running, jogging and power walking, and you are really hankering for something different and fun to do, then why not try stilts – specifically, you might want to give jumping stilts a go! With these types of stilts you are guaranteed hours a day of activity – learning how to get up on them and move around, and then learning how to execute certain maneuvers. These stilts are sure to draw attention everywhere you go (if you’re out in the public that is), but some people like being the center of the attention, and that can be fun too.

If you’ve never tried jumping stilts then you’re in for a surprise. They are much more advanced that you may realize as they are now made of light weight fiberglass material and have springs that will allow you to jump incredibly high (several feet in fact). It takes some time to get used to these stilts, but this is why they also make good exercise, because just having your body adjust to walking on stilts will give you a good work out. It will not be a heavy-lifting and panting kind-of-workout, but this will certainly give your muscles a workout as you learn all over again how to walk – only this time, several feet off of the ground.
For exercise that will tighten muscles you’ve forgotten you’ve had, especially in your leg, stomach, and arms, try these stilts. You’ll be surprised how much fun they are, how busy you will feel and how fast time will seem to fly once you get yourself involved with a pair. You might also consider joining a group of stilt enthusiasts. You can then all meet and exchange advice, new moves and go stilting walking, running and jumping together.
Stilts have come along way in just ten years. With the new technologies that are out there the popularity of stilts will keep increasing as people find new ways to use them to make their lives easier and more fun. Try a pair and I guarantee you’ll get addicted.

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