Ways to Make Stilts

Stilts is a common amusing activity that is quite common with the people since hundreds of years. If you are fond of walking or jumping stilts then you can easily make your own stilts by sitting at home. Making your stilts is an extremely convenient and easy task that allows you design your own personalized stilts so that you can perform this activity with complete comfort and ease. To make stilts at home you simply need to follow some easy to understand steps and attain the best results:

To begin with place two pieces of softwood on your workbench that would act as the stilt poles. Now, mark a point on both the poles with a pencil at a height of 12 inches from the bottom of the stilt. This mark will further assist you in finding out the foot rests of the stilts.
Now take two pieces of hard wood to make the footrests. Start with drawing a curve at the bottom of each piece and make use of a coping saw for cutting the marked curves.
After this hammer at least 2 nails one-inch each in the soft wood stilt poles at their sides. You can also make use of wire cutters for cutting the flat top of nails so that the tips remain pointed.
Take some glue and apply it on the longest hardwood at the footrests and attach them to softwood stilt poles. After the glue dries up, start scratching off the excessive glue. Once the glue has dried up, drill two holes through footrests and stilt poles and place quarter-inched carriage bolts to offer it strength.
Finally place sandpaper so that you do not get hurt by the sharp edges of the stilts. You can also turn the edges of stilts round from the bottom so that they do not splinter while usage.

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